E4K Training Blog: Week Five

E4K shortIt’s week five of our E4K training schedule and many of you have already put in hours of practice to hone your skills in time for October. You’ve started Crowdrise pages, talked to friends and family about it, and tagged us in your posts so that we could document all of your amazing work so far (psst — don’t forget, it’s #E4K!). Your efforts are outstanding!

If there’s one person who knows a little bit about being outstanding, it’s our E4K coach. Last week, we regaled you with stories of his many successes and gave you a sneak peek at the inner workings of his inspiring training program. This week, as promised, we’re pleased to introduce you to him.

E4K participants, meet Coach Sergei:


As you can see, his intentions are clear (…sort of): in order to get you into the best shape possible for all of your running, hiking, knitting, designing, and yoga-ing, Sergei has made it his business to ensure that you are as excited about E4K as he is. Since 2012, he has participated in E4K himself in order to fully understand how to motivate others and train them to be the best. We are delighted to have him on board this year as a coach and look forward to more of his helpful video messages in the coming weeks.

Keep an eye on our blog posts to see more inspiring tips from Coach Sergei and our lovely little mascot (whom you’ll be meeting very soon) and remember to submit your own training progress here. Don’t forget to visit our Crowdrise webste to sign up and join the team officially!

Happy training!



Can’t join in the festivities this year? Don’t worry! Our participants still need your support. You can pick up your official E4K gear at our shop today and cheer them to the finish line in style.