E4K Training Blog: Week Eight

E4K shortIt’s officially Efforketober!

We know that sometimes it can be daunting and tiring to make time for #E4K training. Luckily for us, we’ve been receiving mountains of incredibly inspiring updates and ideas from our supporters that we think might just help motivate you to strap on your sneakers, pick up that yarn, or roll out that yoga mat (or all of the above, if you’re really creative).

Here are a few of our favorites:


Says supporter Jen, “I’ve decided to put on my new shiny roller-skates and roll around town for as long as I can. While doing that, I will be giving out free hugs, help the tourists out with directions or picture taking and hopefully make some people smile.” With her legwarmers and angel wings on, smiles around town are practically a guarantee!


MelodyIt seems some of our supporters have decided to follow in our dear friend Osric’s footsteps and go the way of the video game — and we couldn’t be more excited. Supporter Melody Ferrell writes, “I’m going to play Dance Dance Revolution for as long as I can. To get ready I’ve been playing everyday, sweating like a hippo…. Do hippos sweat?”



“This is my first time participating so I wanted to make it special,” writes Amber Kinion. Wanting to include her four children, she vacillated between ideas, eventually settling on a particularly creative (albeit slightly terrifying) idea: “We settled on a 24 hour camp-out in a bounce house. We’ll be stuck with each other with no excuse to leave for the weekend and, while the littlest of my children bounce and hop and jump and flip, the rest of us will be doing various art projects.” Ambitious? We think so! You can follow their progress by tracking the hashtag #ArtBounce throughout E4K weekend.


EstherKeeping up with any workout schedule can be difficult, so it was particularly impressive that supporter Esther Piternella continued training during her recent vacation in Greece. “I want to make sure that I’m fit and healthy for E4K,” she wrote. “I plan to dance for hours! Of course, I will film my extraordinary dancing skills for proof.” We can’t wait to see it, Esther — keep up the good work!


paper cranes“Too bad Sergei was busy trimming his mustache to train with me today,” jokes intrepid participant Ashley Clark, who plans to fold as many kindness message paper cranes as she can in 24 hours. “I’ll be leaving the cranes at every stop I make as I move from Indiana to California,” she writes. “To prepare and promote this project, I’ve started leaving flyers and paper cranes around my town for people to find.” A few people have already discovered her practice-handiwork and are eternally grateful for the kind gesture. We’re sure that, come October 18th, there will be hundreds more happy people across the country because of Ashley’s efforts.


0033E4K participant Megan Mueller will be taking a page out of the books of a few of our own Random Acts staffers and knitting for as long as she can: “I’m going to use my loom to make scarves,” she writes. “I’m going to make as many as I can!” With all of this knitting, we might have to keep an eye out for E4K9 — he loves to steal people’s cozy knits and curl up in them whenever he can (apparently, all of that obedience school training didn’t really pay off).


JeanetteThink those stairs at work or school are bad? Jennette Green probably knows the feeling. “I’ve never been an athlete. As a kid I was super uncoordinated and was always picked last for teams. Since then,” she writes, “I’ve gotten into more exercise, and I particularly love running stairs. At first it was tough. I could only run 10 flights, but I’ve gradually increased the number over the years. During the last two weeks, I’ve been training to 60 flights; I’d love to make my goal of running 100 flights of stairs for E4K!” Whew… just reading that makes me tired. Nice work, Jennette!


Hopefully our supporters have inspired you to keep training and, if you still haven’t figured out what to do, given you a few ideas of your own. Need even more motivation? Check out our #E4K hashtag on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook to see what others have been getting up to in preparation for October 18th.

Keep sending us your amazing progress updates and you could be the next one featured here on our training blog!

Can’t join in the festivities this year? Don’t worry! Our participants still need your support. You can pick up your official E4K gear at our CafePress or  Spreadshirt shop today and cheer them to the finish line in style.