E4K Training Blog: Week Six

E4K shortWe’re eager to hear how you’re doing! Make sure to submit your E4K training updates here. We’ll be featuring YOU in our upcoming blogs!


Last Friday, we had the honor of introducing our amazingly gifted E4K coach Sergei. With his otherworldly gift for training up champions, we’re incredibly lucky to have him on our team this year. At the moment, he is busy putting together new messages and motivational clips to provide inspiration for all of our fearless E4K participants, but in the meantime, we have an adorable new reason to celebrate.

After weeks of teasing, we’re ready to reveal our official mascot, and Coach Sargoff’s training companion. Meet E4K9!


We’ve let you in on a few of our coach’s accolades so far and now E4K9 would like you to know about some of his qualifications (although we love him, he can be a bit of a diva about these things). Here are a few facts you should know about our tenacious canine advisor:

  • In 1996, E4K9 spent six months hiking in the Himalayas and became friends with the Dalai Lama
  • At the age of 3 (…or 25 human years), he became the youngest dog to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology. National newspapers fawned over his work in dog-kinesthetics
  • He was last year’s Top Dog Model
  • He worked as a chef in Gordon Ramsay’s au Trianon restaurant in Versailles, France until his early retirement in 2008
  • Has trained up several champion ice dancers with fellow E4K coach Sergei and aspires to send a couple to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang

E4K9 is thrilled to be part of this year’s fundraising efforts and wants you to get involved, so make sure you stop by our website to download and print your own pup here (It’s 100% Sergei approved, don’t worry). You can incorporate Efforkenine into your planning efforts in a myriad of ways, so get creative! We’d love to see how our training companion is inspiring you to be your very best.

 In addition to submitting your E4K training progress updates, don’t forget to tag your E4K photos and videos on social media by using the hashtag #E4K. You could be featured here on the blog!