E4K Training Blog: Week Four

E4K shortSeptember is officially here… which means there’s still a month and a half left to start planning for E4K! If you’re running, biking, hiking, or building sandcastles, it’s best to start training now so you’re in peak physical condition when October 18th rolls around. For the past few weeks, we’ve been teasing a possible partnership between Random Acts and a world-renowned training coach and we’re finally happy to make it official: starting next week, we will be posting occasional motivational videos and messages from our coach to help you in your efforts.

So who is this mystery coach? As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, he is a three time medalist and a World Championship runner-up. A truly inspiring figure, he has been hailed as the next Bela Karolyi — the Vince Lombardi of his time. With an impressive list of accomplishments, it’s difficult to pick just a few of to highlight here, but we’ll do our best:

  • An ice-dancing legend, he has coached several pairs to victory over the years and continues to lend his talents to the sport as a commentator.
  • As a student, he summitted the highest peak in his home country in a single morning. He was later arrested for it in a case of mistaken identity. The guilty climber was discovered on a lower peak that same afternoon and our young coach was released.
  • After graduating from coaching school, he partnered with the highest office in the land and spent four months working for the king.
  • In 2010, our mystery coach successfully opened his own facility, bringing on a dedicated staff to monitor all training efforts in his client base.
  • 2011 proved to be a monumental year for him: after suddenly coming into a large sum of money, he donated the entire amount to a friend and fellow coach. His co-workers helped him deliver the buckets of gold to the man’s home.
  • Last year, he graciously hosted an all-day charity run through Southern California. Because of his beautifully designed uniform, he was voted “Best Dressed Coach of 2013”.

While we would love to list more, we thought it would be best to allow our new partner to provide you with his own message in video form next week. We’re incredibly lucky to work with him this year and can’t wait for you to meet him, so keep an eye out.

As always, make sure to visit our E4K blog each Friday and submit your own training updates — your progress could be featured here in the coming weeks and you may be entered to win a personal inspirational message from our training coach!

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