E4K Training Blog: Week 10

E4K shortHappy E4K Eve!

It’s been almost 10 weeks since we first started this training blog and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the response from all of our incredible supporters. You’ve spent weeks capturing and submitting photos and video of your training progress and we’ve been overwhelmed by the phenomenal things you’re doing. Take these lovely #E4K participants, for example:

Handstands for E4K“My friend and I teach gymnastics at his mom’s gym,” writes participant Stephanie. “We’re doing handstands to raise money! I’ve been doing gymnastics for 40 years and Brian has been doing gymnastics for about 22 years, and it’s a joy to do our favorite activity and raise funds for a great cause at the same time.” With their cheerful can-do attitudes and driven goal setting, we know they’ll inspire others to get out and #GetKind too. Just don’t let it all “go to your head”, guys! (Sorry… I couldn’t resist.)

E4K9-400pxParticipant Karlena knows all about being driven: for this year’s #Endure4Kindness challenge, she’ll be bounding around the sidewalks of America’s most famous city. “I’m starting on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge and I am going to run the circumference of Manhattan. I reckon it’s about 33 miles or so,” she says. “I have never run that distance in my life — nowhere close, in fact. I’m definitely looking forward to it!” You can do it, Karlena! Just make sure to hydrate and have fun… E4K9 will be cheering you on!

all-543c32544fbe3As many of you know already, Coach Sergei and his trusted training buddies, Master Chau and Director Monsam, will be participating in this year’s challenge as well: on Sunday, October 19th, the trio will be kayaking — sorry, make that “kayak touring” — down Fraser River in British Columbia, and across the treacherous Lake Norman in North Carolina. The coaching squad promises an afternoon full of “laughter, digs, unscrupulous jokes, and […] costume-clad dunks into the water.” You can follow Master Chau (@OsricChau), Director Monsam (@RADirector), and Sergei’s close friend Misha (@MishaCollins — who looks suspiciously like Sergei’s twin brother Yuri) on Twitter for updates and embarrassing photos throughout the day.

With all of this excitement looming, there’s one last thing of which we’d like to remind you: in all of your efforts to fundraise for kindness, don’t forget to be kind to YOU. Make sure you’re taking breaks for water and snacks if you need them and try not to over-exert yourself (which can be easy to do while your blood is pumping with adrenaline or you’re on a wild knitting spree).

Tonight, as you’re prepping (“In your MIND,” as Sergei coaches) and spending a final evening reviewing our E4K details, take a few moments to realize that what you’re doing is truly amazing. We appreciate it more than you know.


Keep taking those beautiful photos and videos and posting them to your social media channels throughout the weekend! Make sure to use the hashtag #E4K so that our supporters can follow your amazing journey. And don’t forget to submit them here afterward too —  you might just be featured on our Kindness Files page or on our follow-up blog!