E4K Training Blog: Sergei’s Special Message

E4K shortGreetings, tireless #E4K participants!

You’ve spent the last nine weeks gathering photos and videos of your endurance training progress and submitting them so that others might be inspired. You’ve trudged through the mud and rain, folded paper cranes and origami dogs until your fingers were stiff. You’ve choreographed dance routines that would put Mikhail Baryshnikov to shame… and here we are: at the edge of a monumental weekend, overlooking a steep drop and a full 24 hours of exhaustion.

You’ve physically done everything you can to prepare. Now it’s all in your mind — and if there’s one person who understands, it’s #Efforke (or E4K for you sane people) training coach Sergei, who has kindly provided us all with some last-minute advice and motivation:

Keep your chin up! You’re almost there and you’re going to be magnificent. We’ll see you here on Friday!

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