E4K Training Blog: A Follow-Up and a Note of Thanks

E4K shortDear tireless E4K participants:

Way back in August, when we first asked you to #Endure4Kindness with us, we had no idea of the overwhelming response we would get from all of our wonderful supporters (that’s YOU). We started this blog as a way to connect with our followers — to get others motivated about training hard when they could have been relaxing, and, of course, to spotlight our talented Coach Sergei (we couldn’t have done it without you, sir… just don’t celebrate too hard).

mystarisfadingBut by last night, we realized just how discontent you all were to stand still or take the easy route; over the last two days you’ve run, cycled, roller-skated, and trekked more miles than we can count. You’ve folded thousands of paper cranes, flowers, and adorable animals. You’ve all baked so many delicious sweets that they could probably feed an entire small country for a week (and you’ve tested that theory by handing them out to neighbors and co-workers with smiles on your faces).

And that’s not all: you’ve sent us photos of tables full of crafts, buttons, and stickers that you’ve made all by yourself (and your many finger-pricks as well — yowch). You’ve livestreamed your amazing 24-hour art and illustration sessions. Your turn at the loom or with the crochet and knitting needles has left us in awe of the beautiful creations you’ve produced. And your doodles and paintings were really something.

osricchau_1You spent this last weekend handing out encouraging notes to strangers — some of whom may have been struggling. You’ve left kindness cards on others’ doors and mailboxes. You’ve rowed, kayaked, and danced your heart out (and choreographed some stunning pieces in the process). You have stood on the sidewalk offering free hugs to those who probably needed that boost in their day. Your smiles were infectious.

We are so proud of you. Did you know we raised over $50,000 in the last couple weeks, tens of thousands of which were collected just over the weekend? That’s all you. Some of you worked so hard, you ended up exhausted and ready to sleep for days — and we owe you so much more gratitude than you know. You are the reason we will be able to fund other supporters acts of kindness over this next year, the reason we will be able to travel to another country and do what we can to ease their burdens. Our Crowdrise page will remain open until the end of the month, so please — and we know this is asking a lot — ask those you know who haven’t donated if they would kindly lend a hand so that we can continue to bring joy into the lives of others.

radirector_1When we said that we believe change happens at the smallest levels, we meant it. You’ve proven that. By donating $10, you helped a supporter purchase a new hat, scarf, and mittens for a shivering man or woman on the street. Your donation, along with others, will be combined to provide a struggling family with airfare money to get their child that surgical follow-up appointment at a medical center in another state, or to purchase a gently used vehicle for a single mother. When you donated, you weren’t just putting money into a bank, you were telling us and the rest of the world that you mean to do something to effect positive change — and that you won’t sit idly by and let society preach the status quo.

tumblr_ndp1jnJyQV1r1epyso1_500We are so very proud to know you. E4K9 and Coach Sergei are proud as well (just about bursting, the way E4K9 explains it — Coach Sergei was busy counting his medals and stretching from all that kayaking, but we know he feels the same). As we watched that Crowdrise ticker climb and climb until it passed $50,000, we couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude and love for all that you do.

Somewhere down the road, when the world is different and positivity has become the norm, people will ask what started the ball rolling. Where did it begin, this monumental change of heart? When did we start to care again?

Tell them that it all began with a simple act of kindness that spread across the globe like wildfire. Tell them that it started with a little fundraising challenge called E4K.

Thank you.

— The staff of Random Acts



Still looking to add to our Crowdrise page? We’ll be accepting donations through the end of this month! Remember to fill out your E4K Participation Form if you completed a project or activity as well. You can link all of your wonderful photos and videos there and tell us how everything went!

Happy #E4K, everyone!