E4K: Run, Misha, Run!


In 2010, Random Acts co-founder Misha Collins ran 83km (~50 miles) and raised funds through pledges to help fund random acts of kindness across the world.   And this year, we all got a thrill when our leader updated Random Acts supporters about his current training regimen.  

But why should he get to have all the fun?

To celebrate all of the hard work our supporters have undergone training for Endure4Kindness, we have created a special incentive for you to continue testing your limits.

Now you can re-create the run that started it all with our new game – Run, Misha, Run! 

How can you play along?  Help Misha run as many miles as possible for E4K.  Use the arrow keys to move Misha to the top of the screen, past the mile marker. Watch out for cars, motorcycles, and dogs.

You’ll receive points each time Misha passes the mile marker. Collect bananas for energy (extra points).  It seems deceptively easy – but it’s a challenge.

Thanks to everyone for supporting E4K.  Whether you are running, swimming, knitting, or holding an old-school Nintendo marathon, the Random Acts team is proud of you.

For more information about E4K and Random Acts, go to: http://beta.randomacts.org/events/endure4kindness/.

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