E4K 2017 Is Almost Here!

e4k-2017-socialYes, you read that correctly — Endure4Kindness 2017 (or E4K, as we’ve lovingly hashtagged it) is nearly upon us, and we’re hoping you’ll join in on all the fundraising fun! This year, we’ll be kicking things off April 1-2, and whether it’s your first time participating or whether you’re an E4K-experienced veteran, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved. But first, let’s talk basics.

What is E4K?

E4K is a global endurance event where supporters are invited to participate in one continuous activity, for as long as possible. Participants can join up with Random Acts’ Crowdrise fundraising team prior to the event and invite their friends, family, and members of the local community to pledge money to their personal team member pages — sort of in the same way you’d pledge funds to someone participating in a local charity fun-run. The longer you can go, the more funds you’ll likely raise.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.59.42 PMIs there a theme for this year’s event?

Yes! As previously mentioned, Random Acts has streamlined the #GetKind program by compartmentalizing it into three annual themes, which will serve to inspire various acts of kindness around the globe throughout the year and will culminate in three separate global events, under the umbrella “Act Global”. Our first overarching theme of 2017 is “Community”, which we kicked off with our Valentine’s Day Wish of a Lifetime rose giveaway for senior citizens. Keeping with that same theme, E4K participants this year are encouraged to center their chosen activity around that topic, though it’s not a requirement.

photo 3How do I participate?

As mentioned, first make sure you’ve joined Random Acts’ official E4K Crowdrise team and set up your individual, connected fundraiser page (just click “Join the Team” to get started). After that, you’ll want to explain to your friends, family, and neighbors what you’ll be doing throughout that weekend to raise money — it can be anything! You can organize a fun-run with your community, host a book drive for a local library or school, offer to clean up a park or public space, or visit your neighborhood retirement community to put on a play for the residents (with the center’s permission, of course!). Looking for a more creative approach? You can spend the day baking beautiful cupcakes for nurses at a local hospital, painting a playground, or making tie-blankets for the homeless, too. Anything that helps the community in some way, we encourage you to do.

How long do I have to go?

While we don’t expect anyone to carry out their activity for a full 24 hours, the longer you can go, the more likely it is that you’ll raise a higher sum. But please — don’t overwork yourself! If you’re planning a neighborhood get-healthy bike-a-thon, for example, and you can only go for an hour and a half, that’s OK! Installing bike racks for your community, and only get a few done before you run out of steam? That’s totally fine. Your health and well-being come first.

What if I can’t do anything physical?

No worries — E4K is for everyone, and we’d certainly never want anyone to be barred from participation, simply because they can’t run a marathon or bake 10 dozen cookies. Even if your activity includes holding a sign and giving hugs to those who need it for an hour, or typing up poems at the farmer’s market, make sure to document it with photos and video (shot horizontally) — we definitely want to see it!

Is there an age-limit? Can kids get involved?

Of course! Just make sure that you get a consent form signed by a parent or guardian if you’re under 18. Parents, you can get your little ones involved with your event too by making it kid-friendly. A few examples? Build and man a lemonade stand and give away cups of refreshments for free, or have them help tidy a neighbor’s lawn — kindness is for all ages!

How does the fundraising work? What will the money be used for?

When someone donates to your individual E4K Crowdrise page, it’s essentially deposited into the main Random Acts Crowdrise page. Your personal fundraising sum still shows up under your name though, and the more you raise, the more likely it is that you’ll qualify for certain incentives or shout-outs from our founder, Misha!

Once the fundraising period is over, the donations you bring in will be used to fund supporter and staff acts of kindness throughout the year, as well our various campaigns and projects across the globe.

I1 - ZYLOXJ0s there any paperwork involved?

At the end of your fundraising period, over the weekend of April 1-2, you’ll want to fill out an E4K participation form and upload any photos or horizontal-videos you’ve captured so that we can see how you did! You may also end up in future blog posts, media round-ups, or social media mentions for your fundraising work, so make sure to set a reminder for whenever your event concludes!

Help! My question wasn’t answered here!

Don’t sweat it! Just head over to our main E4K event page to read up on more details. Still don’t see an answer to your question? Send us a message on social media or email our events department (events@randomacts.org).

We can’t wait to get started! Will you E4K with us this year?