From our director: Update on the Free High School

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We are pleased to bring you a post by Cinde Monsam, Director of Random Acts.

This blog is coming to you from the car ride to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  I hope that name is familiar to you – that means you have been keeping up with all the Random Acts news.  While I love to travel, previously I would not necessarily have been described as adventurous, and tended to stay within the “normal” vacation or tourist spots while abroad; places that were well prepared for my inability to speak the native language, convert local currency or name the food.  That all changed in December of 2011, when I became part of the staff at Random Acts, and I am learning to embrace with a joyous heart this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and experience the world from outside the gates of a resort.  While I will never find the confidence to travel as my esteemed colleague Tracy does (oh how I envy her), I am embracing the experiences that are uniquely mine.  I highly recommend it!

But I digress.  You may remember that in fall of 2012 we ran a fundraising campaign to purchase a school bus for the Free High School in SJdS.  You guys raised the necessary funds and the bus was purchased and put into service in August of 2013.  I am arriving just in time for the opening ceremonies of the new school year. Last year the technical school wasn’t able to have a new first year class due to lack of funding, but this year Random Acts, meaning you, provided the funding to fill the gap and viola!  There will be a new first year class! I am looking forward to riding in the bus, meeting the students and talking with them about their dreams and aspirations.


As a parent and leader, I know how exciting it is to see kids embrace their future with hope and enthusiasm.  That isn’t possible without opportunities to cultivate those emotions.   You have made that happen in a big way here; thank you.  I have been learning of all the other ways that we could partner with the local community and leaders of SJdS to continue to make a difference, so I travelled to see for myself what is in the works here and whether we can help by replicating the success of H2H.  Come along on the journey with Tracy and I by following Random Acts social media channels or website.  I can’t describe in words how very excited I am at the possibilities!

While I’m away, I anticipate that you guys will continue to “join in!”.  There is significance to those two words.  Do you know what it is?

Join in with our #getkind campaign and share your stories, pics or videos.  I have volunteered to fix meals at both a homeless shelter and at a battered women’s shelter, while collecting non-perishable food items for my local community food bank.  In February, I’m prepared to work about 6 hours for the local animal shelter and donate my time and money to the Carolina Raptor Center, which provides rehabilitation, homes and environmental education for our indigenous raptors.

Join in with our #feedthepig campaign, which features HAMISH.  Hamish is an adorable ceramic piggy bank with a very unique appearance.  Hamish is passionate about fighting hunger around the globe, as are we, so he asked for two things:  1) Help out by providing funds or volunteer hours to a reputable non-profit that is fighting hunger, and 2) Find him a suitable family that would admire his unique appearance.  Random Acts has agreed to do both, so join in! with us, won’t you?

Oh and while you’re joining in, could I solicit a vote?  We have almost 25K Twitter followers and fewer than 1,000 votes for the Shorty Award in #charity!  What’s up with that?  Are you voting for someone else? ….no, that can’t be it; is the voting too arduous? …no, you only have to do it once; um, I’m out of reasons not to so please, vote!  When I return just as voting ends, I’d love to see huge movement in the numbers…ok?

Last thing about what’s currently happening: Class Act is open for submissions and we can’t wait to have our first winner!  It is so rewarding to see our conquerors-in-training be passionate about kindness, don’t you think?  As well, they get to enrich their overall learning experience with some much needed funds to make improvements or provide new opportunities at their school. Now what could be better than that?  No school?  Nice try, kids!

Just around the corner, in less than one month, is AMOK day: 1st of March, 2014.  I AMOK – you AMOK – we all AMOK.  I’m joining in! Are you?

Until I blog, tweet, Facebook, or webinar again…..have a day full of kindness from you and to you!

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