COVID-19 Support Spotlight: Helping the Underserved

The pandemic may have taken a massive hit to our social environments, but kindness is seemingly everywhere. It spilled into our COVID-19 Support Network, an initiative where you helped raise funds to aid nominated international organizations lending a hand to their local communities. Over the next couple of blogs, we will be sharing their unique stories. This blog, in particular, features the underserved, those who perhaps need an extra helper.

Support in Lonely Times

It is hard to think back on how we filled up our days before city lockdowns and self-quarantines began. Those who find themselves as fortunate spend hours around their loved ones. That, however, cannot be said for everyone, as often the elderly find themselves isolated. They have to ingest technological how-tos, make phone calls, or learn how to use a phone or tablet to see familiar faces. Luckily, organizations such as NewBridge can create a sense of community in an otherwise lonely time.

Image courtesy of Any Baby Can.

With case managers, delivery, and necessity kits at their hands, NewBridge sees a wide variety of resources available in Madison, Wisconsin and Monona, Wisconsin. Those resources rely on volunteers doing the older adult’s shopping on a routine basis, if required. Door deliveries, which include reusable, hand-made masks, toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies, shampoo, toiletries, and more, are also an option. While that guarantees groceries for the week, there is a take-out service where they can order in from Monday to Friday. These steaming, hot meals come at no charge. Donations, of course, are welcomed. Additionally, they have a buddy system, one where volunteers match up with older adults. If they are unable to clock in their quota of long-distance calls for the week, this is a great way to keep socializing.

Furry and Crawlers’ Companionship

Another way is to have a furry companion. ElderDog Canada is a means to strengthen the relationship between seniors and their dogs. Thankfully, they can continue to foster these relationships due to their heightened safety measures, even if it means forgoing tougher habits such as physical contact with the dog. Having sanitized leashes, walking one dog at a time, and pick-ups and drop-offs outside of homes are all part of their COVID-friendly program to keep both owners and pets safe.

Animals and older adults aren’t the only ones who need help staying physically and mentally healthy. Patience is the growing virtue for families tucked away in their homes. Whether it is diapers, food for special diets, specialized formulas, or cleaning and school supplies, Any Baby Can’s emergency satchel can help soothe any parent. They specialize in helping those who are raising children and youths with special needs. This can ease stress for parents finding it hard to navigate an already busy day.

A Global Affair

When it comes to the pandemic being a global affair, the virus hit countries in waves, with some suffering more than others. The Navajo Relief Fund and the Pueblo Relief Fund are two of the many who provided emergency care to native communities. Their kit included essential disinfecting supplies, personal protective equipment, and food distribution. It not only helped stop the virus from spreading but made sure both the Navajo and Pueblo communities were well-nourished and cared for.

Giving Thanks

It is more important than ever that we come together in this pressing time, and you certainly rose to the occasion! We want to thank you for your growing support for Random Acts. Make sure to keep an eye out as we will be sharing more organizations that have made a personal impact on people’s lives during the pandemic.