COVID-19: Tools for Coping

It seems that everything we read about the current COVID-19 experience begins with an acknowledgment that these are unprecedented times—because they are. The struggles we are currently facing are so unique and new that each day we are all learning together how best to manage them. There are no right or wrong emotions for a time like this, nor are there “correct” ways to cope. But, despite the uncertainty and instability, there are things we can do to make life just a bit easier for ourselves and our loved ones.

Here at Random Acts, we understand how overwhelming and emotionally complicated just getting through each day can be as we continue to shelter in place. Even looking for help can be an overwhelming task in a sea of information and opinions. 

To that end, we have put together several toolkits to provide straightforward, practical, and evidence-based approaches to coping with this new normal. These guides explore everything from hygiene and medical care to ways to maintain mental health to things to expect from children as they adapt to these new circumstances. You can find links to these toolkits here:

Coping with Anxiety and Grief

While each of us is emotionally experiencing this in our own ways, two commonly experienced emotions right now are anxiety and grief. Whether the changes to your life are slight or substantial, it can be difficult to lose what felt normal. These changes can feel even more worrisome when the future seems so uncertain.

Misha Collins and Dr. Ali Mattu discuss coping with COVID-19 anxiety

In recent weeks, our Co-Founder Misha Collins and Executive Director Rachel Miner have held conversations with several mental health professionals. In these talks they share their experiences and further discussion on managing anxiety and grief throughout this crisis. Misha and clinical psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu spent time identifying and normalizing feelings many of us are experiencing, and also providing practical advice on coping. Rachel and clinical psychologist Dr. Janina Scarlet (along with Ruth Connell) discussed how to use Supernatural and the #SPNFamily as inspiration for facing COVID-19, as well as having an in-depth discussion on dealing with grief through the pandemic. Links to all of these discussions are below:

Helping the Helpers—And Ourselves

Though we may be physically isolated from each other, we are all going through this together. If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, crisis counselors are available to chat with at

If you are able and would like to assist us in helping the helpers through the Random Acts Support program, please click HERE to donate or to nominate an organization doing amazing work in your community. 100% of funds raised will go to organizations and groups that are helping communities and individuals through this crisis. 


Thank you again for your continued support – we appreciate you so much! And remember: to #StayHome is to #StayKind—and we thank you for it!