Come Join Us For A Celebration At #NJCon!

IMG_0287It’s time for another round of convention fever! From September 25 to September 27, Random Acts will be in attendance in the vendors room at Creation Entertainment’s Official Supernatural Convention in Secaucus, New Jersey… and this time, we’ve got a little something extra up our sleeve.

What’s so special about this convention?

As we mentioned, this convention is a little bit different than the others we’ve been to this year, for a very special reason: Over the convention weekend, Random Acts will be celebrating our five year anniversary (crazy, right?) and we’re inviting you to join in on the festivities!

In September 2010, Random Acts performed its very first official act of kindness in Paterson, New Jersey (right here at that year’s #NJCon, no less!), purchasing shoes for a child and his father, a computer and printer for another young boy to complete his studies, and bicycles for some kind strangers at a nearby park who were overwhelmed by the simple gesture. This month, we’re looking back at how far we’ve come since then and making future plans to take over the world with kindness, and we’re hoping you’ll join with us in the celebration.

Thankfully, our amazing friends at Creation Entertainment have been generous enough to help us organize a special event to which all #NJCon attendees (and anyone able to tune in to our livestream) are invited. Remember to mark your calendars — Friday, September 25 at 9 p.m. ET! Check out the official invitation below:


But what about karaoke?!?

Don’t worry — you’ll still get to belt ’80s rock to your heart’s content: The Random Acts anniversary party will coincide directly with the traditional Friday night karaoke party, and will be hosted by the ever-gracious Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict, with special guests like Random Acts founder Misha Collins and many others sure to make an appearance as well! (In other words, don’t throw out that perfectly planned group costume… we expect to see you all there rocking out like normal.)

dfeg55XRFmdguh53DdCuxdWBfJPZrIEagpgcqA1KnpAWe’ll be making some exciting announcements and hosting lots of fun activities throughout the night, so even if you don’t get to sing your favorite Bon Jovi song, you’ll still be able to try your luck at winning some cool swag from Random Acts and our amazing partners.

I’m not going to be there!

Hey, it’s okay! You’ll be able to join in via livestream! Just make sure to tune into our Stageit broadcast; You’ll be able to “tip” (or donate) throughout the evening as well — the biggest tippers will receive their own special prize! (Footie pajamas and popcorn optional.)

WAIT! Will there still be opportunities to #GetKind?

Yes! As usual, we’ll be running a number of fun “kindness activities” at our table in the vendors room over the weekend, so make sure to stop by, take part in the festivities, and sign the guestbook so that our team of staffers can admire your incredible handwriting.

We’re so excited to spend the convention weekend with you — Let’s all get ready to #GetKind and have an amazing time!

Don’t forget to tag all your social media posts throughout the convention with the hashtags #GetKind and #NJCon!