#ChiCon 2015: Come & Meet Random Acts In The Windy City!

collageIt’s been a busy autumn so far, but we’ve already packed our bags (and plenty of awesome swag too) and are heading back to the convention circuit! From October 23-25, Random Acts will be in attendance at Creation Entertainment’s Official Supernatural Chicago Convention (#ChiCon), and we’d love to see you there! As usual, we’ve partnered with a local nonprofit in order to collect donations, and given that this month’s #GetKind theme happens to be animals, we’ve decided that the nonprofit in question should, without a doubt, be the Heartland Animal Shelter.

What Is The Heartland Animal Shelter?

The Heartland Animal Shelter of the greater Chicago area is a no-kill, humane 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding homeless pets forever homes while educating the public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets in order to help with the pet overpopulation problem.

Founded by Dr. Herbert Preiser in 2002, the shelter works to actively encourage adoption and offers its whiskered and tail-wagging tenants as much love, medical attention, and behavioral assistance as they might need. Currently, the shelter acts as a home for dozens of cats and dogs of all ages who are waiting for their turn to find a forever family.

How Can I Help?

Over ChiCon weekend, Random Acts staffers Jennifer, Julie, and Melanie will be present in the vendors room, collecting the following items for the Heartland Animal Shelter:

  • Cleaning supplies such as,
    • Anti-bacterial hand soap
    • Clorox Bleach
    • Dish Soap (e.g., Dawn)
    • Liquid Laundry Soap with bleach
    • Large plastic storage bins with lids
    • Antibacterial Wipes
    • Tall Garbage Bags
  • Paper goods (paper plates, paper towels, etc)
  • Wet and dry cat/dog food (preferably Pedigree or Alpo, although any brand you have available will also do just fine), such as,
    • Science Diet Cat Adult Optimal Care Original Dry
    • Science Diet Kitten Health Development Original Dry
    • Canned Kitten Food (please no seafood)
    • Science Diet Canine Adult Advanced Fitness Original Dry
    • Canned Dog Food
    • Nylabones (Medium – Large)
  • Medications: Heartguard & Frontline (The shelter has asked us to note that it especially needs Heartguard at the moment — if you have any unused medications at your home, they may be donated as well.)

Monetary donations are always appreciated as well, if you’re unable to pack items in your suitcase (there is also a Walgreens and a Target located within a few minutes driving distance from the convention hotel, if you decide to grab some supplies over the weekend and have a car). A full, detailed wishlist can also be found on the shelter’s website in case you have some spare supplies at home that aren’t on this list and need to double check that they can be used.

What If I Can’t Bring A Donation?

That’s okay too — we know it can be hard to fit everything in your bags, especially if you’re flying in or taking a train and have limited space. In order to ensure everyone has a chance to get involved, we’ll also be running a few fun activities throughout the convention weekend, so make sure to stop by, pick up a few spooky treats and temporary tattoos (it will be Halloween soon, after all…), and leave your story on our kindness canvas! We’ll be giving away random swag items to a handful of lucky supporters too, so keep an eye our for us!

But Wait! I’m Not Going!

Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to help out animals across the globe over ChiCon weekend: find a shelter or program in your neighborhood and make it your mission to collect donations on their behalf! If you need a few tips on other ways to #GetKind, check out our official October blog post to see how you can help. If you’re itching to help the Heartland Animal Shelter, you can also donate online here.

We can’t wait to meet you in the Windy City… let’s get ready to #GetKind and have a great time!


Don’t forget to tag all your social media posts throughout the weekend with the hashtags #GetKind and #ChiCon! We’ll re-post our very favorites to the official Random Acts social media channels.