Did we CHANGE-A-LIFE? Not yet, but…..

We are pleased to bring you a post by Cinde Monsam, Director of Random Acts.

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Have you or do you know someone that has built a house?  I have been involved with new home construction twice and major renovations twice.  Each time, I said I would never do it again! What does any of this have to do with Change-A-Life you ask?  Well, everything quite honestly.

Just about one year ago, Random Acts and GISHWHES invited our supporters to go on a journey with us to radically change a person’s life.  In order to maintain secrecy, the identity of the person was not divulged, but their story was shared on our website and if you haven’t heard about this deserving family, please take a few moments and read their story …  It will touch your heart, I promise.

As is always the case, Random Acts’ supporters rallied to help this family.  As well, Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.13.51 PMGISHWHES participants (GISHERS) were spectacularly generous and we collected over 150 housewarming items and untold dollars in gift cards to use to complete the furnishings for their new home.  We had expected the home to be completed in November, but permits were delayed in coming through.  By the time the permits were received, winter had set in and the weather in the area simply did allow for construction to get started.  By the time the weather started cooperating; permits had expired and had to be filed again.  Now construction has started, but some geological issues with the proper require fill dirt.  That has now been appropriated and the foundation is well underway with framing, etc. in close pursuit.

We and the GISHWHES leadership had hoped that a “moving in” party would happen in conjunction with the start of GISHWHES 2014 to celebrate the achievement of all our supporters and to kick off GISHWHES in spectacular fashion (even though generating even more excitement for GISHWHES is really necessary).  Unfortunately, we aren’t quite there yet, but Random Acts is committed to this project and we will be there when the home construction is finally completed to provide the furnishings: turning the house into a home.

Stay tuned….there will definitely be more information coming on this one!