Change is good!

Do you like change?  Most people don’t and I have never understood why.

I love change; the changing of the seasons, the changing of my hairstyle, or color, or both! I love when things are new, fresh, different… exciting! And that is how I view the Random Acts organization; it is always changing, evolving, become renewed, invigorated, and refreshed.

Our new website is all about the change in Random Acts.  New logo, new branding, new technology, new staff, new information, new forums, new pictures and videos… all changed, all fresh, all exciting. We’re even on a NASCAR race car… that’s a truly exciting change!

Change is undeniable and unstoppable. It is necessary, valuable and keeps our lives interesting. In fact, it is exactly what our Random Acts mission is about; changing the way people act toward one another with a little bit of kindness and attention. Changing our actions, habits, and attitudes is the Random Acts way.

Our change is all about, and for, you. Random Acts wants you to participate, to get involved, and to conquer! Our new website is designed to make that easier than ever. So: embrace change, learn to love it, and allow it to help you conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time!

We cannot thank Krimson enough for their assistance in bringing our changed website to life. You guys rock!

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