Calling all Californians: We love LA (and Burbank, too)

Random Acts is California-bound!  We will be partnering with our friends at Creation Entertainment at Salute to Supernatural in Burbank, CA, November 22-24.  And since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, Random Acts would like to take the opportunity to encourage Salute to Supernatural’s con-goers to create some kindness by supporting the Downtown Women’s Shelter.

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The Downtown Women’s Center is a nationally recognized pioneer of permanent supportive housing and the only resource in Los Angeles that is exclusively dedicated to serving the unique needs of homeless and very low-income women in downtown Los Angeles’s Skid Row community. Founded in 1978 by social worker Jill Halverson and her client turned friend, Rose, DWC will provide a permanent home to 119 formerly homeless women by the end of 2012 – making the Center one of the largest providers of permanent supportive housing for women in the country. 95% of the women the Center serves never return to homelessness – a high success rate for ending homelessness.  Random Acts is proud to partner with an innovator in the field!

How can you help?  Convention attendees can bring all kinds of donations, from clothing, sanitary products and cleaning supplies to food, silverware and gift cards to the Random Acts table for the Center:


– Dried beans

– Silverware


– Bus tokens, bus passes

– Storage bins (3 ft x 2 ft or smaller)

– Liquid Detergent

– Housekeeping Cleaning Spray

– Pots and pans


– Unique household containers (vases, mugs, teacups, etc.)

Day Center

– Underwear & Bras (all sizes)

– Plus-sized clothing

– Overnight sanitary napkins

– Regular/super tampons

– Shoes sized 9-11 and larger


– $5 & $10 Gift cards (Amazon, CVS, Subway, Rite Aid, 99C Store, K-mart, Starbucks, Michael’s)

– Art supplies (specifically paint canvasses – all sizes)

– $25 new gifts (clock radio, cookware set, towels)

If you can’t make it to the Convention, the Center has a fantastic Etsy store, called MADEbyDWC.  The store features soy candles, repurposed fabric

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 11.25.09 AM

bags, and journals with covers from vintage books.  Take a look!

Have fun at the Convention and be sure to stop by the Random Acts table to drop off your donations and check out some other cool surprises.



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