#AskOsric about joining Misha Collins and Random Acts in Nicaragua

We’re packing our bags again because Random Acts is headed to Nicaragua in just a few short days! From November 20 to 28, Misha Collins, Random Acts staff, and our top fundraisers will travel to Nicaragua to meet the students, teachers, and visionaries of the Free High School. While there, we’ll have an opportunity to help with construction at the new campus and we’ll enjoy some of the best experiences Nicaragua has to offer.

Additionally, as announced in September, Osric Chau will join us on the trip and has committed to creating a video diary of his experiences!


As a part of the video series, Osric wants to give YOU a chance to ask him questions about the trip! For example, why he’s going, what he packed and why, what he looks forward to the most, how Random Acts inspires him. Whatever is on your mind — so long as you’re asking questions that pertain to the Nicaragua trip!

Here’s how to submit your questions:

  • Twitter & Tumblr: Submit your question by mentioning @randomactsorg and include the hashtag #AskOsric
  • Facebook: Simply use the comments on our Ask Osric post to submit your questions!

When can you submit?

  • Start: Friday evening, November 13 U.S. east coast time
  • End: Monday November 16 at 11 p.m. Eastern

Of course Osric won’t be able to answer every question submitted so be as creative and thoughtful as possible to help ensure your question jumps out at him!