Are you ready to AMOK It Up?

We want your help to promote AMOK this year! Be part of our AMOK ‘advertisement’ by submitting a five-second video clip of yourself looking ‘AMOK’ and with something that represents the city or country where you live. (It could be a building, a vegetable, a flag, an interpretive dance. Be creative!)

Then send your clip to us and we’ll put it together for our AMOK promotional video. We can only use the first 30 or so clips that we receive, so you’ll need to get in quick, and we need it by Sunday 10 February so we’ve got time to pull it all together. (And please remember to use your best videoing techniques – make sure to hold the camera steady, keep the focus, and make sure it comes out the right way up!)

So, to summarise:

  1. Film yourself and/or your friends being ‘AMOK’.
  2. Include something to represent your city and/or country.
  3. Make sure the clip is 5 seconds or less.
  4. Email it to – put “AMOK It Up” in the subject line.
  5. Get planning your AMOK activity for this March!

We can’t wait to see your beautifully AMOK faces!

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