Are you a Class Act?

We’ve started something new at Random Acts.

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If you are a school group (under 18, please!) we have a special task for you.  We know students have been looking for a special outlet under the Random Acts banner, and Class Act provides the opportunity to not only give to your local community but potentially win money and recognition for your school.

Class Act is an annual award program aimed at any classroom, grade level(s), sanctioned school group (choral society for instance) or the entire school. We want to encourage and inspire people of all ages to go out into their local communities and really make a difference. 

The competition is open internationally, so wherever your school is located, you can participate.

How do you win?

Phase One:  While we think everyone should make their corner of the world a better place, this scheme is specifically for schools and school groups (with an assist from teachers and coaches who supervise the activities).

Phase Two:  Do something!  The project or event can be as big or as small as you like and can range from a week of activities to something that stretches to a term or a semester. All we ask is that your project has a positive impact on your community and that you document your good works.

Get outside and build a community garden.  Share your youthful energy and talents with some senior citizens.  Clean up a coastline or sweep a beach for litter.  Be creative!  If you are trying for a school-wide project, you may want to enlist the help of a faculty advisor.

Phase Three:  Show us your project.  Ideally, that means a video, slide show, or other visual representation of your endeavor.  We want to know how you came up with the idea, what you did, if you had any challenges along the way, and the impact of the project – on your community, and on your school.

ClassAct is awarded annually. The award period ends on the last day in April of any given year. You are welcome to submit your project at any time and we will keep hold of it until the next period of scoring.

Phase Four:  Win!  Service to your community is truly its own reward.  But we want to sweeten the deal — so if your project is selected as the winner, you win a trophy for display, US$3000 for your school and individual, personalized certificates for each participant.

We think Class Act is the most fulfilling homework assignment you’ll ever receive – and perhaps the most fun.  Go forth and conquer with kindness!

Looking for more details?  Check out our Class Act page.  Need ideas?  Check out our forums.

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