An Update on the Sevenly Shirt Campaign

Lifestyle-004Late last year, Random Acts had the opportunity to partner up with the organization Sevenly to make available a line of kindness-themed tee shirts, 7 percent of the proceeds from which would be donated back to Random Acts itself. The campaign, run and organized by Sevenly, kicked off back in February, at which point our team was informed that supporters had come across a few stumbling blocks.

According to Sevenly, the company reportedly encountered a crisis with the distributor it was working with late last year and experienced severe fulfillment issues for several months, leading to a high number of delayed orders. Unfortunately, Random Acts signed its contract with Sevenly in September of 2015, before the issues became apparent. Our team was not aware of any problem until the aforementioned tee-shirt campaign was almost over, and did not fully understand the extent of the issues until much later.

Our staff understands that many of you have not received the shirts you ordered months ago, and that some of you are having trouble reaching Sevenly’s customer service team. We have been in touch with Sevenly about this issue and we will continue to keep in contact with them until all of your orders have been resolved.

To help us accomplish this, we’ve set up a new system to handle all inquiries or concerns regarding the Sevenly tee shirt campaign:

If you have ordered anything from Sevenly’s Random Acts campaign and have not received your order or a refund, please e-mail and copy on the email as well. Please include your order number if possible and forward the original confirmation e-mail if you’re able.

If you have received your Random Acts shirt or refund from Sevenly, please send us an e-mail as well, so that we can communicate the information to Sevenly’s customer service team. This will help us understand the entire scope of the issue.

We deeply regret the frustration and inconvenience many of you have been experiencing and will continue to do everything in our power to help resolve this situation.

Thank you for your continued support and for your dedication to our mission of changing the world through kindness.

— The Random Acts Staff