AMOKspiring the youth of today

Earlier this week we dared you to think bigger when coming up with your AMOK action plan. We want you to perform acts of kindness that have a positive and lasting impact in your community.

What to do? Well, that really depends on your community. A rural community has vastly different needs and problems to those faced by urban city dwellers – although some problems, sadly, are present wherever we go.

It’s a sad fact that most communities (urban and rural) have a higher unemployment rate than they did ten years ago. Youth unemployment is particularly bad, but there are ways that you (yes, you!) can help.

The simple truth is that if you’re employed, you have knowledge and experience that you can impart to young people and teenagers who’ve never worked at all. You know how to construct a successful resume; you know how to beat a job interview. Whether you’re waitressing or working your way up the corporate ladder, you know exactly what it takes to get hired in a depressed economy.

So why not spend a little time each week teaching young people in your community how to get employed?

You can think small. Is your neighbour’s teenager looking for part-time work while they finish school? Offer to help them work on their resume – and maybe help them find an interview outfit. Or you could think a little bigger, and volunteer with a youth mentoring organisation – or even start your own. If you’re a business owner, you could look at launching a careers advice service for your employees’ children. Engage with your staff – many will happily and kindly volunteer their time to help out. And if you really want to go all out, you can look at ways you might be able to partner with local schools, and help out that way.

And if you’re one of those young people who just can’t seem to get a job? Well, you definitely have the time to set up a little mentoring scheme of your own! Ask your friends’ parents for help with your resume (not many people want to take career advice from their own parents, after all), and encourage your friends to do the same. Before you know it, you have yourself an informal careers network – and that’s definitely an experience you can put on your resume.

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