AMOK approaches – think fast!

There are only ten days left before the world runs wild and the kindness riot is upon us. It’s almost time to run AMOK!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been encouraging you to think big, because we have faith in you and the things you can accomplish, but if you haven’t managed to come up with your big idea yet – don’t panic too much! There are lots of random acts you can perform with so little prep they’re practically spontaneous.

Pick up the trash

If your community could do with a little sprucing up, why not get some trash bags together and randomly clean things up a bit. You’ll need a plastic bag and maybe some gloves – that’s it! You could take it one step further and get a group of your friends together to help you out. Many hands make light work, after all!

Donate some books

There are lots of ways you can donate books to other people. You can take them to a shop run by a charitable organisation so they can sell them on for the money. You can take them to your local library and donate them there. You could even arrange to start a book exchange at work to help out your colleagues, many of whom won’t have money left over after expenses for little luxuries like a new book. However you do it, passing on your old books is a terrific act of kindness.

Help your friends at school

If you’re good with words, why not offer to proofread your friends’ assignments before they hand it in? You’ll help your friends get better marks and get some practice in at editing documents – a vital job skill!

Help your neighbours recycle

If you’re taking waste paper to be recycled, why not check in with your neighbours and ask if they have any paper to be recycled as well? Not only will you be helping the environment, you’ll also be inspiring your neighbours to think about their waste habits. Awesome!

All of these acts of kindness can be performed quickly and easily, and they’ll make a difference to your community. Remember: sometimes the biggest changes come from the smallest ideas.

How to participate

Be part of the kindness riot and run AMOK with the rest of us. Just click here and fill in the participation form, and you’re good to go!

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