AMOK 2015 Wrap-Up: Planting Seeds of Change

CAtcT00UkAApC5mWe’re only three months into 2015 and already, the staff of Random Acts has noticed more than just a change in season. Just week and a half ago, we asked you to join us in our Annual Melee of Kindness — an event for which supporters spent the day doing random acts of kindness for the rest of their community (or neighboring community… or neighboring country) — and you more than took up the challenge, you transformed it into a worldwide phenomenon.

CAvB_BMVIAACX9POver the past few months, we’ve met with so many of you willing to lend a hand in any way possible. On March 21 and 22, we were more than a little verklempt over the myriad of ways you took that motivation to a global audience in order to change the world with kindness and positivity.

Your creativity and enthusiasm were more than a little impressive, of course: trays of cookies baked, friendship bracelet kits mailed, and meals for the homeless punctuated a day full of buoyant positivity and all-around generosity by around 800 participants in total (at least that’s what our most recent numbers granted us — we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of more as the days go on…) and kept us going throughout the weekend, knowing that reading through our #AMOK tags on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook would inspire us for a good while.

tumblr_nll4rn9c7o1rbyx9lo2_1280Random acts of sweets, flowers, kindness cards, heartwarming notes, and adorable art left us feeling more than a little proud. Our founder and Random-Actor in Chief, Misha, got in on the action as well, handing out (and alright, maybe snacking on) boxes of pastries and coffees to those who had the unfortunate circumstance to be without some of life’s basic necessities. As the weekend pressed on, we weren’t ashamed to say that we teared up more than once (and there’s no shame in that, okay? Okay).

60c7tZX - ImgurWhenever we get the chance to participate in challenges like AMOK, E4K, Class Act, and our destination projects, such as the newly announced Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua effort, we are thoroughly
floored by how quickly and eagerly each one of you responds. And when people ask us how we’re able to do what we do, we tell them that it’s all because of a vast network of people who go out of their way to make the world just a little bit better.

Thank you for helping us make AMOK 2015 such an enormous success and for ringing in the blooming spring weather with seeds of change that will undoubtedly grow into something truly beautiful — we wouldn’t be who we are without you.

— The Staff and Leadership of Random Acts

Images: xhoneypotatox/Twitter; Misha Collins; Julie Merar

Did you miss this year’s AMOK challenge? Don’t worry — we’ve got plenty more where that came from…. Find out how you can get involved by visiting our specific event pages and let us know if you need funding to complete your act of kindness. We’re here to help!