A Kit Full of Kindness in Pennsylvania

Jenny at her booth!

Some of the best places to practice the art of random acts of kindness are within organizations you are already a part of. Can you think of one that you interact with on a regular basis? Perhaps you are involved with your local farmers market or religious group. Or maybe your children are part of an existing after school program. There are so many places in our day to day lives where we can bring a little kindness. Our own Project Department Manager Jenny Schuff is involved with the Thomas Paine Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and this last November she had a booth at their annual holiday market.

Inspiration Strikes!

Jenny decided at the Random Acts booth, she wanted to accomplish several good acts. First of all, she brought reusable shopping bags with the Random Acts logo. These were handed out to shoppers to use at the market, and in their daily lives to reduce waste.

Jenny handed out kindness kits to attendees.

She also took some inspiration from an act of kindness she had seen before, and put together “kindness kits”. These kits included stickers, things to color — anything that could bring a smile to your face. The idea was a hit, and so easy to put together.

TPUUF also raises money for the Daily Bread Community Food Pantry, a local organization for families who are experiencing food insecurity. She had on her table a place for folks to chip in to help purchase shelf-stable foods. Watching people contribute and come by to talk about acts of kindness that they have done was not only inspiring to Jenny but to her neighboring tables as well!

Overall, Jenny says, the Holiday Market was a success! “I was happy about the event — mostly about raising the money. There were not a lot of people at the event so the donation amount was really astounding. I think it made our fellowship really proud to have Random Acts there promoting the kindness activities that they do but also encouraging others to participate.”

Feeling Motivated?

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to get those kindness ideas flowing! We have a bundle of stories on our Kindness Acts page to get you fired up to help others this holiday season!