A Garden for Grace

Sometimes at Random Acts, we are able to help with Kindness Acts that serve in memory of someone we lost. Our Board Member, Michelle Henning, details below what we are doing in remembrance of one particularly kind friend, Grace.

A Few Words About Grace

“Grace was a single mother when she unexpectedly lost her seven year old son William, in April of 2006. In lieu of flowers and donations, she asked her family and friends to honor his memory by performing a random act of kindness for a stranger. Hundreds of people took up her cause, engaging in countless acts on William’s behalf over the years that followed. Sadly, Grace herself fell ill in 2018 and on Christmas Eve, the world had to say goodbye to a true kindness warrior.

“We ask that you help us honor the memory of this dedicated mother by planting a dedicated garden in her name, with signage proclaiming it Grace’s Garden. Please take a photo of the sign (and the beginnings of the garden) early in the season as well as one in full bloom. At the end of the summer, we will compile a book of the photos to give to her son, Harry. It is our hope that he, and her siblings, and husband, see that the spirit of her kindness lives on in us.

“Please join us in our goal of planting 52 gardens this year as we take up the mantle of her cause. Grace can rest, knowing we have got it from here.”

Planting the Seeds

We have already gotten a head start on our gardens, as you can see from the pictures below. Spring is a time of renewal, and we can not wait to see what you are growing! We hope you will participate, wherever you are in the world, in spreading a little joy, flowers and kindness.