12 Days of Kindness: Those far away

12 Days

After last year’s popular 12 Acts of Kindness blog series, we have returned again with lots of ideas for you to put a bit of kindness into your corner of the world.  Check this space often for new inspiration as we head toward 2014.


Watching the news, it seems there is often a need for assistance in a far away place.  Whether from a storm or a typhoon, an earthquake, or political troubles, there is always somewhere that seems to be lacking kindness for one reason or another.

It’s easy to feel helpless or disconnected from these events — or think that the scope of these problems is too much for your help to be of use.  But as your actions have demonstrated, a little kindness goes a long way.

Our thanks to Nice-Mary for this image.

Our thanks to Nice-Mary for this image.


Help someone in need right now. For those of you who have been asking how you can help the people affected by the recent storms in the Philippines, Red Cross Philippines and UNICEF are accepting donations through their websites and via text.

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