12 Days of Kindness: Put patience in the mix

12 Days

After last year’s popular 12 Acts of Kindness blog series, we have returned again with lots of ideas for you to put a bit of kindness into your corner of the world.  Check this space often for new inspiration as we head toward 2014.

We’ve all been there. You’re at the supermarket or some crazy holiday sale, and the cashier is sort of rude. Or a customer yells at the sales clerk. It’s a situation where we could all use a little kindness.

Thanks to tumblr user agriminimationofwhatistobe for this image.


Call on your ‘patience reserves’.  It’s a sign of strength to be able to stand back and think, “this person must be having a rough day”. It’s a gift to that person, who might not even realize that they are being rude, not to be just as rude back. In a time where we are all so busy with our own lives, let’s take a moment to give each other a little breathing room and grace.  It’s just the kind thing to do.  Who knows what the ripple effect of de-escalating the situation will be?

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