12 Days of Kindness: Our most vulnerable

12 Days

After last year’s popular 12 Acts of Kindness blog series, we have returned again with lots of ideas for you to put a bit of kindness into your corner of the world.  Check this space often for new inspiration as we head toward 2014.

Sometimes, it can be hard to see the people in your community who are really hurting.  People in need of economic assistance might not appear to need help just from looking at them.  Other people, like the homeless, might seem like they could use a hand – but what kind of help is best?

Thanks to tumblr user Casiabamf for this image.

Thanks to tumblr user Casiabamf for this image.


Start local.  The best place to start is with a group in your own community — they’ll know what folks in your area need — or with an organization (like Random Acts) which partners with these local groups.  Perhaps the people they serve need specific items, like diapers and personal care products for a women’s shelter.  Or socks and toiletries at a men’s drop in center.  If you know of a food bank in your area, ask if they need supplies or warehouse workers to distribute food to needy families.  Are you adept at teaching people new things?  Maybe there’s a class you could help teach, or a skill you could share.  There are lots of ways to help, and many ways your talents can shine to help those less fortunate.

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