12 Days of Kindness: Our best (furry or feathered) friends

12 Days

After last year’s popular 12 Acts of Kindness blog series, we have returned again with lots of ideas for you to put a bit of kindness into your corner of the world.  Check this space often for new inspiration as we head toward 2014.


We all have special animals in our lives – our furry (or feathered or scaly) friends are a source of comfort and joy. Studies have shown that physiological changes occur when people hang out with their favorite animal: a drop in heart rate, lower blood pressure, and reduced stress.

Thanks to tumblr user Shifty-Ewoks for this image.

Thanks to tumblr user Shifty-Ewoks for this image.


Helping our furry friends. Go for a walk – and take a dog with you. Offer to walk dogs or play with cats at a local animal shelter. Or get the word out about adoptable pets in your area. Perhaps you could take photos and share them with local newspapers and pet advocacy groups or share them with your own friends who are looking for a new friend. Pick up a bag of food at your supermarket and drop it at your local shelter.

Look out for your furry friends during the holiday season. New, large groups of people in the house for parties, all sorts of tempting foods to steal from tables, and (from their perspective) crazy new toys that light up and jingle (otherwise known as holiday decorations) can be a hazard. Offer to dog or cat sit for the night, hang out with a friend’s bird, or give their iguana a shower so they don’t have to worry about them at their holiday party.  Not only will your friend appreciate the help, but many pets enjoy making a new friend and the extra attention.

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