12 Days of Kindness: Helping the helpers

12 Days

After last year’s popular 12 Acts of Kindness blog series, we have returned again with lots of ideas for you to put a bit of kindness into your corner of the world.  Check this space often for new inspiration as we head toward 2014.


Sometimes, people doing kind things need kindness, too.  We forget that everyone needs a helping hand, even those who seem to be the strongest (physically) among us, like firefighters, policemen, and even sanitation workers.


Our thanks to gkg97 for this image.

Our thanks to gkg97 for this image.


Let them know you care.  Say thank you to our men and women in uniform, participate in fundraisers for new equipment, or leave a card at your local firehouse or outside on your trash bin.  Don’t forget about retired or former military members; it can be easy for us to forget about their service to all of us after their uniform comes off.  Just letting those who serve know their efforts are appreciated can make a big difference in their day.

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