12 Acts Of Kindness: A New Juicing System For A Supportive Family

12acts_updated-01-01On the second day of the 12 Acts of Kindness our destination projects manager Tracy gave to us… this guest blog about a kind act she carried out while on location in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua!


Last year I spent a couple of months in Nicaragua, ostensibly to scout out a future destination development project for Random Acts (which happened) but mostly because San Juan del Sur was just the sort of town I adored and wanted to spend some time in, getting to know its people and its way of life. And how better to do that than to stay with a local family?

Silvia Noguera and her family welcomed me into their home, shared their meals with me, bought me a mosquito net, hung a hammock outside my room, and generally took great Blendercare of me in every way. Life with them was good, and the cherry on top — my favorite thing — was Silvia’s fruit juices which she would make fresh every morning. Almost every day she would peel many, many oranges, along with a variety of other fresh fruit, and hand squeeze them into a big pitcher so the entire family could enjoy delicious juice throughout the day. She also froze some of it in little bags to sell to the neighborhood kids, and this micro-business was how she contributed to her family’s income.

When I lived with them it sometimes seemed that Silvia felt overshadowed by all the men in her family especially since Nicaragua has such a male-dominated culture, but the juice was clearly a point of pride for her and she took great delight in my enthusiasm for it. So I thought it would be a fun random act to visit the family during our Dreams to Acts trip this year and give Silvia something to help with her juice making. I picked out an orange peeler and a fancy blender, and dropped by during one of our lunch breaks.

Orange PeelerThey were also in the middle of lunch, and invited me to eat with them. Of course they also poured me a big glass of juice. Silvia teased me for always having juice on my mind while the guys played with the new toys. Jokes were made about blending whole meals of chicken, rice and beans, but I’m pretty sure Silvia will enjoy using the blender for its intended purpose. The orange peeler was also assembled and tested (resulting in orange juice leakages and some hilarity).

It’s difficult to pick a favorite act that I’ve done, but this one was probably the most personal and the most fun. It was also a good reminder that it doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to make a whole family’s day; all it takes is a bit of thought and action.

And maybe stuffing a giant blender into your backpack along with all your other stuff.

Make sure to follow our blog closely over the next two weeks as we document all the ways our staff are celebrating this year’s 12 Acts of Kindness — and if you’re feeling the itch to perform a sponsored act yourself, make sure to apply for funding using one of our handy Act Proposal forms here.