12 Acts of Kindness: A Honeymoon for Sarah

12acts_updated-01-01Random Acts staffer Jennifer took the initiative and gifted one woman with a very special present for our annual 12 Acts of Kindness


The holiday season is just coming to a close, but the celebration isn’t over just yet for *Sarah and her family. When the Random Acts team first began brainstorming ideas for its annual 12 Acts of Kindness campaign in late November, development manager Jennifer quickly and easily settled on Sarah as on of its lucky recipients.

“About two years ago, Sarah’s boss retired her employer wasn’t able to hire a replacement for a year. During that year, Sarah was in charge of taking care of her boss’ former responsibilities in addition to her own. She often worked 12 hour days, and did so with no increase in title or pay.”

According to Jennifer, soon after Sarah’s company hired a replacement, she began to experience severe, increasing migraines — something she had been suffering for years, but in increasing regularity and severity. Within a few months, Sarah had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

“It took about two months of therapy and medication to get her back to a place where she could really start going back to work again,” said Jennifer. “During that time, she used up all of her vacation and more — when she came back to work, she had to work for nearly a month without pay to make up for the extra sick time she took. Many of those with whom she worked didn’t understand mental illness and refused to take it seriously, figuring she should just snap out of it and go to work.”

The experience drained Sarah’s savings within one summer.

In a brief respite from all these stressors this past November, Sarah was able to get married in a small ceremony. “Honestly, they couldn’t afford much,” Jennifer described later. “They couldn’t even go on a honeymoon. They kept telling people that they would take the honeymoon in the summer because they would have more time — but the reality was that Sarah just didn’t have the vacation time to go away on a trip.”

IMG_0328After hearing of Sarah’s dilemma, the Random Acts team decided it had to do something. With funding provided through generous donations from supporters, Jennifer and the team purchased a mini-honeymoon getaway for the couple, which included a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant. When presented with the gift a short time later, Sarah was thrilled.

“I’m glad we could give [them the] honeymoon they deserved,” Jennifer explained afterward.

Already, it seems both Sarah and her husband are likely to have a jam-packed 2016 — hopefully, their mini-honeymoon gave them the brief rest they needed to jump into the new year with a fresh outlook.

*Name has been changed. 

Make sure to follow our blog closely over the next week as we document all the ways our staff are celebrating this year’s 12 Acts of Kindness — and if you’re feeling the itch to perform a sponsored act yourself, make sure to apply for funding using one of our handy Act Proposal forms here.