12 Acts of Kindness: Spreading Holiday Cheer

There’s an old adage that teaches others to “do as I say, not as I do.” At Random Acts, we’re not too comfortable with that idea. In fact, we believe that if any organization is to succeed, it must prove to its supporters that its leaders and staffers strive to be worthy examples of its mission statement on a regular basis.

In honor of that sentiment, this holiday season we’ve decided to go all out. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be debuting a new collection of blog posts entitled the “12 Acts of Kindness” — and in those posts, we’ll be giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at what our staff members get up to during their free time, all in the spirit of love.

In the past, our teammates have coordinated efforts to deliver food and water to the homeless community in their cities, delivered coffee to tired convention-goers with Random Acts’ fearless founder, assisted in the purchase of supplies for their local animal shelter… we could go on. We don’t always highlight these things because we truly believe that the spotlight should be on you, our brave supporters, which is why we started The Kindness Files — to feature all of your phenomenal acts of generosity. But we also believe in leading by example. That’s where the 12 Acts of Kindness come in.

Monroe familyEach project was specifically coordinated by staff members to benefit an individual or family who deserved a little extra holiday cheer. One of the first families on that list was the Monroe family of Sussex, Wisconsin.

During what was a particularly trying year, the family experienced multiple heartbreaking rough patches that left them in a tight spot. Son Joshua, who had been working in Arkansas full time, eventually quit his position and moved home to help provide an extra income while his parents looked after an elderly grandmother in need of 24-hour care. Through it all, the family proved incredibly resilient, each member continuing to be wonderful examples of kindness even in their struggle. So when it came time to nominate community members for the 12 Acts of Kindness, Random Acts was more than happy to send some cheer their way.


Being the lucky staffer involved with this particular project, I was able to gather grocery items to put together a full holiday meal and assemble a bag of sweets, cookies, and beverages for a special night-in. Random Acts was also able to facilitate the purchase of a grocery store gift card in order to lighten the family’s monthly financial burden, and, with the car loaded up (very carefully), I was able to deliver the gifts in person — a treat in and of itself. While the Monroe family expressed genuine gratitude, it was all of us at Random Acts that owed them the sincerest of thanks for showing the world what it means to truly love.

They say that kindness is always in style. If there is anything worth putting on your gift-giving list for the holidays, it is this.

Check back here each week through December 24th to hear more about the projects that we’re accomplishing as a team and to find new ideas for inciting change in your own community.



Want to follow our team’s lead and perform an act of kindness in your community? Check out how you can get involved and fill out your act proposal today to see if you qualify for financial assistance. We can’t wait to hear your plans!