12 Acts of Kindness, Day Twelve: Misha and Cinde’s Christmas Gift

12acts_updated-01-01This past month, the staff of Random Acts had the special opportunity of participating in the 12 Acts of Kindness — a challenge we set for ourselves to get out and lead by example, simply by following the inspiration you give us each day through your numerous acts of generosity.

For our twelfth and final act, we turned to our courageous Founder Misha and tireless Director Cinde Monsam, to put together a beautiful Christmas surprise for a devoted mother and her family. Writes Cinde:

“Tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains is the beautiful mining town of Pikeville, Ky., a small town with rural sprawl and country charm. But even a town this small can’t seem to escape the call of GISHWHES, the annual international scavenger hunt run by our Founder, Misha Collins. It was because of GISHWHES that Misha came to meet an extraordinary Pikeville resident named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had participated in GISHWHES this year and, in doing so, made friendships that eventually brought her to Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural convention in Chicago back in October. After a chance encounter with Misha led to a few brief moments of conversation, Elizabeth’s amazing story unfolded.

Elizabeth is an Army veteran and mother. After she and her daughter left a tough situation, financial difficulties pushed them to move back home with her parents. In spite of everything, Elizabeth continues to attend school to become an elementary school educator while simultaneously working during her off hours to support her daughter. On top of all the family’s problems, Elizabeth was also facing difficulty with her veteran’s financial aid tuition package and lingering medical issues caused her back pain to worsen. When she thought things couldn’t get any worse, her laptop, which she needed for her studies, crashed — leaving her with no way to replace it. The charming and loving young woman who gives everything she has to her daughter on a regular basis, was stuck.

Misha, Random Acts and I decided to help.


If only for a small moment in her otherwise hectic life, we wanted to put Elizabeth first. So on Tuesday, Dec. 16, my husband and I took a drive and, with the covert help of Elizabeth’s family, we surprised her by taking her shopping at the local Big Sandy furniture store for a bedroom suite (she didn’t have one at all) and a new mattress set (as the other one simply had to go). With the store employees’ help, Elizabeth found just what she needed: some beautiful bedroom furniture and mattress that would help alleviate her back pain. And because of a recent seasonal promotion, the store even gifted her with a brand new flatscreen television to complete her new set-up. Next, it was off to dinner at the nearby Peking Chinese Restaurant.

Dinner was lovely as we laughed, talked, and got to know each other a little bit more. I was impressed with Elizabeth’s quiet strength, humility, and dedication to her daughter, as well as her determination to finish school and become a teacher. We could have parted ways after dinner and Elizabeth probably would have been happy with her gifts all the same — but this was Christmas “Misha-style”… and we weren’t finished yet.

At the end of dinner, we presented Elizabeth with a brand new, up-to-date HP laptop that would ensure her ability to complete her coursework and achieve her teaching certificate. She was thrilled.


Every day, I meet people like Elizabeth — people who are strong, capable, and independent; people striving to meet the needs of their families and doing so at great sacrifice to themselves. They willingly put themselves at the bottom of their priority list and never complain about what they don’t have or what they’ve given up along the way.  They endure and overcome challenges and obstacles.

At Random Acts we want to remind these brave individuals that their actions are being noticed, that their sacrifices are known — and that their small acts of kindness toward others are what will change the world.”


Thanks for checking in on our blog here over the past few weeks as we’ve celebrated the 12 Acts of Kindness — we hope that it gave you a sneak peek into how we do things here at Random Acts… and now it’s your turn! So put down that figgy pudding and check out how you can get inspired and get involved… we’ll be polishing off some delicious holiday cookies in the meantime. No rush.