12 Acts of Kindness, Day Ten: Honoring the Arts

12acts_updated-01-01We’re pleased to bring you the following guest post by Random Acts Director Cinde Monsam:

For eight years, the community of Lincolnton, Lincoln, Catawba and its surrounding counties have been giving residents the opportunity to see one of the world’s most beloved ballets, “The Nutcracker”, at the Lincoln Cultural Center. For years, this event has been made possible by the collaboration of local dancers, instructors, and choreographers from the Star Struck Dance Studio, under the leadership of Kelley Barker, and Expressions Dance Studio, under the Direction of Joanna Innocenti.

Together, the two studio owners, their respective staff, and troupe of dancers have brought the beautiful story to life for their community. Each year, hundreds of hours are volunteered to assemble choreography, create costumes, and design sets. There are auditions and rehearsals, stress and joy. In the end, a beautiful adaptation of the classic, “Nutcracker” comes to life and young and old alike can enjoy the performance at an affordable price.


This holiday season, for our 12 Acts of Kindness, Random Acts was honored to be able to sponsor a cast party at local eatery, The Court Street Grill, for the dancers, stage hands, and production crew members, as well as the dance studio owners, instructors, and choreographers involved in the production. In addition, we were able to provide a small token of our appreciation (a relaxing spa package) for each of the professionals that so willingly gave of themselves and their talents.


The Arts bring joy and celebration into the world and allow true individual expression and inclusion. They open hearts to new ideas and teach students acceptance of the world and its inhabitants — and Random Acts applauds all those worldwide who labor tirelessly to ensure that the opportunity to create in any medium or method is available to all.


It was classic artist Edgar Degas who once famously penned, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” When what others see is dedication and kindness towards a community, it is certain that the response will be an equally heartwarming sum of love.

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