12 Acts of Kindness, Day Seven: Sweet Treats for Hospital Heroes

12acts_updated-01-01It sometimes seems that there are certain people who are easily missed — retail workers, customer service employees, waiters and mail carriers. But perhaps one group of people that are unfortunately overlooked on a regular basis are hospital staffers. Cleaners, maintenance workers, nurses, assistants, receptionists, and doctors — all of these devoted employees spend their days and nights (and very late nights) caring for others and ensuring that their time in that medical facility is comfortable. They work long hours, come in on holidays and weekends, and dedicate their lives to being kind without expectation of any reward.

This holiday, we’ve decided to give back to the people who sacrifice so much.

A few years ago, my own father was placed in an intensive care unit after extensive surgery and later moved to the upper floor cardiology unit at his local hospital. While in their care, his nurses, doctors, and phlebotomists all treated him with the utmost care and understanding. Long into the evening hours, they continued Delivering-Cupcakes1checking in — adjusting pillows, changing the channels for him, fetching glasses of ice when I had dozed off in the armchair in the corner. And when he would wake early in the morning, they were there to chat and visit, even cutting into their own breaks just to have a good laugh with him.

This type of love and friendliness isn’t altogether uncommon among hospital staff in general, but it was nonetheless important and remarkable. So when the 12 Acts of Kindness project was introduced as an idea here at Random Acts, the cardiology staff at Waukesha Memorial were one of the first groups on my list.

After pooling all the baking supplies I could find (which in my kitchen are few and far between), I spent the afternoon mixing up batches of cupcakes. After piling them into the backseat of my vehicle, I had the opportunity to deliver them in person.

Nurse after nurse, physicians and lab techs alike, each heart unit employee that I encountered had a smile on their face and a kind word to give, even with exhaustion hanging on their faces. And at the end of the night, when most people would be climbing into bed, many of them were simply beginning the first in their lineup of rotations for the week.

photo 4

Of course, this was no large feat compared to what the staff of Waukesha Memorial accomplish on a regular basis. But from the bottom of our hearts, the team here at Random Acts wanted to extend our sincerest thanks to those who put themselves second and inspire us all to push a little harder every day… even if that means handing out simple sweets to let them know how much we care.

Make sure to visit our blog regularly this month as we celebrate the 12 Acts of Kindness — a project which showcases the kind things our staffers get up to in their off-time. Want to follow our team’s lead and perform an act of kindness in your community? Check out how you can get involved and fill out an act proposal today to see if you qualify for financial assistance. 

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