12 Acts of Kindness, Day Nine: Winter-Proofing for Feline Friends

12acts_updated-01-01The honorific Mahatma Gandhi once famously taught that “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” And while many of our kindness recipients are themselves human, we could never forget our furry, scaled, and feathered counterparts. 

Such was the case this December, as Random Acts Destination Projects Manager Tracy Liu began making plans for one of her many 12 Acts of Kindness projects.

I had originally contacted local animal rescue A Dog’s Life Rescue about taking out two dogs with one of their volunteers for a spa day,” says Tracy. “The selected volunteer, Julia, then called me and suggested, “Instead of a spa day… how about you help me winter-proof a feral cat colony?'” 

It was a wonderful idea. Of course, in order to gather supplies, Tracy and Julia would need a little help. They put out the word to attendees of the recent “Very Mannly Supernatural Stonehenge Random Acts Christmas Party“, asking for donations of blankets and pet beds, and were amazed at the generous response. “We filled three large boxes,” reported an excited Tracy.

3. Three boxes of blankets and pet beds

Using Random Acts dedicated funding, Julia and Tracy were able to purchase supplies for the colony and, with the help of friends Jo and Max, spent the day cleaning the space and building up a tree house, two hammocks, a basket, and couple of crates filled with bedding or straw.

Because of donor generosity, Tracy and Julia still had supplies left over by the end of their winter-proofing project — but not one item was wasted. Says Tracy, “We gave the rest of the blankets and beds to the Rescue, [to help with a few of their new programs].”

6. Picking up trash

Explains Julia, “A Dog’s Life Rescue is now providing free spaying and neutering services, along with medical care for pets of low income families. Once a month we have been hiring a medical van and providing these services for free to the community in East Los Angeles. In addition,” she continues, “we provide free micro-chipping, vaccinations, flea control, new bedding/beds (of which the extra donations will be a part), carriers, collars, and ID tags to all the pets as well.”

11. Donuts

The next time you’re stuck trying to decide which charities to help out this holiday season, remember to check out your local shelters and animal rescue centers… and help them #GetKind for a furry friend in need.

Make sure to visit our blog regularly this month as we celebrate the 12 Acts of Kindness — a project which showcases the kind things our staffers get up to in their off-time. Want to follow our team’s lead and perform an act of kindness in your community? Check out how you can get involved and fill out an act proposal today to see if you qualify for financial assistance. 

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