12 Acts of Kindness, Day Four: A New Laptop for a Friend in Need

12acts_updated-01-01It seems that Random Acts Destination Projects Manager Tracy Liu has been busy this holiday season — with her recent visit to the Miami VA Medical Center and her work on Random Acts’ next big project, we’re surprised she’s had any time to herself at all.

Instead of waiting around for something to do with her limited spare time, Tracy got inspired. Noticing a need amongst her group of friends, she went to work figuring out a way that she could help.

“My friend Mandy’s fancy laptop no longer works and she’s heartbroken over it,” Tracy said. “She can’t afford the $850 she was quoted to fix it or buy a new one because she’s financially strained at the moment as she looks for work.”

For many, laptops are considered a necessary home “appliance” these days, and with the average PC rolling in at around $500, upgrading or replacing that appliance can be a daunting task if you’re in a financial pickle. For the driven job seeker, having a laptop isn’t just a luxury, it’s a requirement — most employers today expect potential hires to own one or at least have regular access to one. Without one, Mandy’s prospects looked dim.

Immediately, Tracy realized she could do something.


“Mandy used to covet my MacBook Air whenever we were traveling together,” she says. “Since I recently got a new one, I decided to give her my old one.”

While Tracy could have easily sold the laptop for hundreds of dollars, she knew that it would fare better in the hands of someone who really needed it.

As Mandy waits for a new job in Shanghai, she has been floating from couch to couch, trying to keep her head above water. With Tracy’s generous gift, it’s one less thing that she’ll have to worry about throughout the holidays.

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