12 Acts of Kindness, Day Five: Helping the Homeless

12acts_updated-01-01So far, for this year’s 12 Acts of Kindness, we’ve regaled you with stories about holiday dinners, veterans, etching machines, and laptops. This time around, we wanted to highlight a project that echoed the sentiments of our founder when he said that even the simplest acts can “leave a lasting effect“.

Our Regional Representatives are really something. They tweet, photograph, and generally get out in their communities and #GetKind. They spend their spare time performing good deeds in their communities and act as shining examples of what we do here at Random Acts.

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One such example is US Southwest Representative Casey Reichelderfer. The Los Angeles resident usually passes the time programming and working away at her computer — but she also loves to help others whenever she sees a need. This year, noticing the desolate conditions that so many homeless in her neighborhood were forced to endure each day, she made a to-do list and set out to better her corner of the world.

“[We decided to] create mini help-bags containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, baby wipes, granola bars, and water bottles to pass out in downtown Los Angeles, as the weather has been heating up during our drought,” she wrote. Together with a few friends, she put together special parcels full of feminine health items for any women they encountered as well.

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“We headed downtown to pass out the care packages [that weekend], and they ran out very quickly; in less than 30 minutes we were done,” wrote Casey. “We spoke with some individuals about what they would like if we were to visit again (one man told us PB&J sandwiches would be perfect) and then enjoyed some small conversations with them. It was nice to take some people with me that haven’t had the chance to participate in their neighborhood as well,” she adds, citing her three kindness-companions who assisted in distributing their packages. “Overall, the project went really well.”

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As you can see, if there’s anything the Random Acts has to be grateful for this holiday season, it’s our amazing Regional Representatives — the face of our organization. These inspiring individuals look out for others and jump at the chance to do something good, constantly prepared to take up the reins and make the world a better place.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Representatives in your area — and get ready to discover a multitude of new ideas for spreading joy this holiday season.

…Oh– and keep up the incredible work, Casey!

Make sure to visit our blog regularly this month as we celebrate the 12 Acts of Kindness — a project which showcases the kind things our staffers get up to in their off-time. Want to follow our team’s lead and perform an act of kindness in your community? Check out how you can get involved and fill out an act proposal today to see if you qualify for financial assistance. We can’t wait to hear from you!