12 Acts of Kindness, Day Eleven: Winter Warmth

12acts_updated-01-01It’s easy to take for granted the simplest luxuries in life. Things like a hot shower, clean drinking water, or a packed train car on your way home from work often get overlooked in our daily routines because we have them.

For Michigan resident Heather, things were a bit different. Writes Random Acts Marketing Officer Kae: “Heather has been through some hard times in the last few years, and things haven’t let up for her. She has serious medical issues that not only require daily medication and regular hospital visits, but a put a large dent in the family’s income too.”

Because of the state of the public schools in her community, Heather busies herself by homeschooling her daughter Ripley, and by making sure she has the best private tutoring, constant socialization, and sports activities. She is a bright beacon in the lives of others and leads by example.

Heather’s medical condition restricts her from being able to work and, often, from being able to do things she enjoys. And with finances so tight, there hasn’t been any money for home improvements or to fix long standing issues. “With a Michigan winter fast approaching,” worries Kae, “I’m concerned about her and her family staying warm and safe.”

IMG_5068Though Heather’s daughter already has warm winter clothes, Heather, being the selfless mother that she is, has had to go without in a region of the U.S. where a warm winter coat and waterproof boots are an absolute necessity. And just when it seemed that nothing else could go wrong, the heating in the family car failed, leaving them unable to afford a repair. Seeing the family’s distress, Kae decided to do something about it and immediately nominated the family for our 12 Acts of Kindness project.

Using Random Act funding, Kae was able to purchase a brand new winter coat and boots for Heather, as well as a gift certificate to a local spa for a massage to keep her relaxed. In addition, Random Acts was able to cover the repair of the car’s heating system, so that the family would be able to travel to and from their destinations without freezing (which in Michigan’s icy climate is a definite possibility…). Heather was overjoyed.

Says Kae, “Heather works so hard to keep everyone else happy and safe, and I don’t know how she manages to handle it all on top of her daily pain and exhaustion. Taking care of these problems while simultaneously treating Heather to a relaxing spa day [took] a lot of worry off her shoulders.”


We’ll be keeping in touch with Heather and her family, checking in with crossed fingers that their luck will change soon — but for now, thanks to Random Acts staffer Kae, they at least have a few less things to worry about.

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