Rewarding Kind Students

For fifth grade teacher Meagan Strehlow, the phrase “Children are our future” isn’t just a tired platitude, it’s an important reminder.

For a long while, Meagan had been noticing that certain students at Luxemburg-Casco Intermediate School were making a greater effort to better their surroundings and the lives of their peers on a regular basis. Realizing that she could make a difference by providing positive reinforcement of these students and their kind habits, Meagan decided to take a stand.

After receiving “kindness nominations” from teachers around the school and discussing the choices with her class, the group was able to select 17 students who had proven to be exceptional examples for their classmates. Meagan then reached out to Random Acts to request funding for some special gift bags, each including $20 movie gift cards, sweets, and customized bracelets that read, “We don’t mind being kind!” In addition to receiving their own bracelet, each bag also contained a handful of extras with a note to the student to hand one out whenever they noticed someone else doing something particularly kind.

“For the past couple months, the theme of our many of the books we were reading had been kindness,” reported Meagan. “So my students were very eager to reward others who were kind!”

Along with each brightly packaged gift was a note that highlighted the importance of generosity and positivity: “You have been blessed with a random act of kindness,” it read. “While this act was a material gift, remember that an act of kindness can simply be a kind action towards another…. Thank you for being a participant in [helping us] conquer the world with kindness.”

“Children are our future,” say the songs and poems and grown-ups everywhere. Thanks to the perseverance of the students and teachers at Luxemburg-Casco Intermediate School, and all others out there who follow in those footsteps, we’re confident that the future will be a bright one.


This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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