Kindness Projects: Cuties for Cuties!

Back in March of last year, supporter Nareena Vou decided to put some smiles on the faces of her fellow high school classmates. “In our english class, we were conducting a 20% project,” wrote Nareena, citing the practice made popular by Google, which provides students and workers with one day a week to utilize creative thinking and work on their own ideas and theories. “My partner Baochau Hoang and I decided to create a project dedicated to completing random acts of kindness around our school. As students, we are faced with stress, negativity, and anxiety. We wanted to be able to help spread positivity around our campus.”

The two used their allotted Random Acts funding to purchase armfuls of small gifts and spent the next few days handing out roses, sweets, balloons, and Cuties brand clementines to their teachers and peers. “We passed out ‘cuties’ for ‘cuties’,” she wrote happily.

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.
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