Hope for Henry

In November of last year, the Brown family celebrated the births of their twin boys Seamus and Henry. But their celebrations were short lived: only a few minutes after his arrival, little Henry was airlifted to a different hospital where surgeons rushed to save his life — his tiny heart was struggling. Doctors later diagnosed him with a congenital heart defect.

As weeks passed, and more surgeries and follow-up appointments were scheduled and met, costs began to pile up. Taking notice of these costs was Random Acts Regional Representative Michelle, who wanted to do something — anything — to try and lend a hand. After realizing the startling amount of fuel it took for the family to make each four hour trek back and forth from Kamloops to Vancouver, British Columbia, Michelle quickly filled out an Act Proposal form and was able to receive funding from Random Acts to purchase $475 in gas gift cards.

“When the family came back to town this past January, I gave them a couple of days to settle back in and then went and delivered the gas cards,” writes Michelle. “They were very grateful!”

To check out more information or to follow up on Henry’s journey, check out Hope for Henry on Facebook.


This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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