Giving Back To Grow Gardens

Our exciting partnership with the eco-friendly organization Plantables is in full swing and Random Acts-branded seed bombs are practically flying off of shelves (almost literally). And while we’re always happy to help the environment and local communities in any way that we can, we didn’t get there first — many of you have been doing that same thing since before Random Acts was even a spark of an idea in the back of enthusiastic founder Misha Collins’ mind. Some of you have even taken that resourcefulness and generosity and channeled it into your own organizations and collaborative efforts.

One of these organizations is the Give Back project of the U.S. tri-state area — a charitable group dedicated to giving back and providing kindness in a myriad of ways, whether by donating grocery items to those less fortunate in their community or handing out free coffee vouchers to random strangers on the street.

“[Give Back was] created by a small group of people who have witnessed first-hand the amazing power of kind acts and the positive effects they have on the giver, receiver and any witnesses,” the group explains on its official site. “Large or small, random or planned, whoever they may be and in any life circumstances they see themselves, Give Back is committed to going throughout our communities and spreading joy to our neighbors.”

Give Back founder and business entrepreneur Anita Coppens wrote to Random Acts back in March with a novel idea to not only help the community, but beautify and support the environment with a bevy of “give-back containers” full of organic vegetable seeds.

“We believe in growing your own food organically and wanted to inspire people to start a vegetable garden,” wrote Anita, indicating that the group planned to send containers to 10 unsuspecting, kindhearted individuals in their respective neighborhoods.

After requesting and receiving their Random Acts approved funding, the Give Back staffers were able to put together packages of vegetable and herb seeds and passed them out to the local community members. Said Anita later, the neighbors were happily “inspired” by the kind donation and wasted no time getting their hands in the dirt.

“We gave [them] Container Gardens which included a tomato plant, a bell pepper plant and basil plant,” wrote Anita. “Everyone was so grateful and excited to start planting.”

Of course, little plants take time to mature — just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, lush clusters of healthy green stems don’t sprout overnight. But the Give Back team isn’t waiting to celebrate the win for the community and the local environment.

“It was amazing,” said Anita. “We’re really looking forward to seeing some of the wonderful pictures and stories from these inspired individuals.”

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts. 

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