Getting Back Online

Earlier this year, London-based Random Acts supporter Antonia wrote to us requesting funding for a kind act she was hoping to accomplish.

I have a friend that is presently checked in at a mental health hospital due to a number of medical concerns,” she wrote. “Because they suffer from difficulties with social interaction, most of their friends are online — and since checking in, they’ve been unable to get in touch with any of them. I visit regularly, but as most of the others live in other cities and countries entirely, this has obviously left my friend feeling lonely and disconnected.”

Hoping to cheer up her friend and bring a little bit of comfort to her time in the hospital, Antonia decided to purchase a tablet with mobile internet access, to keep her friend busy and feeling at ease once more. However, with the cost of technology comparatively steep, Antonia found herself stuck with a great idea but no way to pull it off.

After reaching to Random Acts for assistance, Antonia was at last able to find an affordable tablet with her dedicated funding and went about setting up all the remaining details on her own.

“There were, of course, a few bumps in the road along the way,” wrote Antonia in her Final Act Report, following the delivery of her gift. “But once the tablet was in my friend’s hands, it all paid off. They finally had the chance to once again get in touch with friends and share some of the pieces they had written up while in the hospital (they have a noted interest in and talent for writing), as well as some really beautiful art.”

We’re sure we know the answer, but how did this act make Antonia herself feel?

“I saw my friend light up — they got excited in a way I’ve only ever seen them get once or twice before. I’m just so glad we were able to make this happen.”


This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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