Feathered Friends for a Friendly Community

When Atlanta-based Random Acts supporter Rebecca Scott heard about plans to build a chicken coop in her local community garden back in March, she was ecstatic — but her excitement was short lived when she learned that the individual in charge of maintaining the garden, a neighborhood woman named Abby, had drawn up finances and had fallen short of being able to gather the necessary materials.

“Abby has been here since [the community garden’s inception] and has devoted countless hours giving lessons, working with local children, and trying to reclaim the tiny property on which the garden has been gaining a foothold,” Rebecca wrote to us. “She has been struggling for the past six months to clear enough space around the garden for her to be able to set up a chicken coop and she was hoping that having chickens would give the local kids something to get excited about — something to pique their interest (and keep them out of trouble). She wanted to help teach them responsibility.”

For a neighborhood that had suffered through some hard times in their not-so-distant memory, the chicken coop would have provided a sliver of sunshine in an otherwise downtrodden atmosphere, wrote Rebecca. And while the community maintained its hope and forward progress, Rebecca wanted to do something more.

“I really wanted to get a chicken coop and let the local kids surprise Abby,” continued Rebecca. “Someone had already offered to give her baby chicks for free but she had no where to put them. Given how much of her time, love, and effort Abby has put into this project and this community, we wanted to get as many people from the community together as possible to show her that we’re all in this together.”

After requesting and receiving funding from Random Acts, Rebecca was able to do just that. With the help of her community, she purchased supplies for a brand new chicken coop and the neighbors and friends were able to spend the day putting it all together.

Abby was thrilled. Wrote Rebecca later, “It went wonderfully! The kids had so much fun working with one another to build this little coop and everyone was excited about the prospect of finally getting some chickens in there.”

For a neighborhood that had struggled so much, and a woman who had poured her heart into making it better, Rebecca’s gift seemed to be just the thing they needed to put some smiles back on their faces.


This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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