Comfort Bags for Foster Kids

We wanted to highlight one act in particular that caught our eye for June’s #GetKind theme “Children”.

As a foster mother, Joanna Camero came to realize how little the children who passed through the foster system were able to keep for themselves. So she proposed to buy sturdy cinch sacs and to fill them with personal items for the foster kids of Alexander County .

“Every child we’ve had has come to us with nothing at all or a few clothes in a grocery bag or cardboard box,” Joanna recounted. “These children have nothing to call their own.  I’ll never forget when we had a birthday party for a little girl who had just turned four (she had never had a birthday party before)…. She saw her gifts and just kept saying, ‘Can I keep these?’”

At her request, Random Acts was able to purchase 42 cinch sacs at a cost of $25.00 each.  With the donation, Joanna was able to provide a bag filled with goodies and personal items to every child currently under the care of the Alexander County Department of Social Services.

Joanna had the opportunity to personally deliver the bags to the DSS. “I was so blessed to be able to deliver all the Kiddie Comfort Bags today,” she wrote. “I know these bags will put HUGE smiles on so many children’s faces. THANK YOU so much for the donation and for the blessing Random Acts has been to this project.”

According to the caseworkers at the Department offices, the children “LOVED them”.

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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