Celebrating Our Amazing Educators

For this month’s #GetKind theme, we chose to celebrate the educators, administrators, and school staffers that work so hard to build up future generations. Here are just a few of our favorite supporter Tweets from some of the people who are going above and beyond the call to kindness to make those educators and employees feel extra special throughout the month of May:

Some of our supporters put together crafty “thank-you” notes… and a few special treats for teacher too:

Others honored their teachers by thinking up some truly creative ways to make them smile:


Some got extra busy (and extra kind) by planning an entire week of kindness activities:


But even a simple message of love is enough. These supporters told us all about the incredible ways teachers have made a difference in their lives:

Some of our supporters told us they’d be visiting us down under at The Hub Productions’ All Hell Breaks Loose Supernatural convention, where we’d be collecting art and school supplies for two astounding organizations in order to help them further their goal of bringing creative outlets to students and youth:

Whether they knew it or not, one of our supporters honored their teachers this month by proving how they had inspired them to become a sincerely caring individual, and gathering their classmates to do some good for strangers halfway across the world:

And it’s not just teachers who do great things: Random Acts Development Officer Jennifer, a college professor herself, understood just how important graduate students and PhD candidates are when it comes to mentoring other students (sometimes your peers can teach you things that your educators just can’t, right?). After reaching out to one DePaul University professor about his graduate teaching assistant Jessica, Random Acts found out that she was in dire need of a new laptop for her studies and work. We were able to reach out and thank her for all she does by popping in on the fantastic Robbie Thompson‘s panel at the DePaul Supernatural Academic Convention and presenting Jessica with a shiny new one:

… Because whether they’re teachers, administrators, custodians, substitutes, principals, counselors, professors, or teaching assistants, all educators and school staffers should know just how much they mean to us.