Car Seats for Children in Need

When Jessica Pagan of McChord AFB, Washington came across a Facebook page asking for submissions of local families in need of car seats, she decided to do something about it. She posted a call to action from her own account and immediately began receiving photos from neighbors and friends of worn-down seats, frayed and broken seat-belt straps, expired units from the early 2000’s, even one without fabric or cushions. With all of her files gathered, she carefully selected three mothers who were in desperate need of new seats for their little ones and composed a missive to Random Acts, requesting aid.

After receiving funding, Jessica was able to purchase not only the three car seats she had intended, but an additional two which would also be donated to local families in need. Supplies in hand, she and her husband delivered the items to their chosen recipients. Together, they educated the families on how to safely install and remove the seats, and advised them on proper positioning consistent with each child’s age.

Deeply moved by her generosity, a few of the mothers kept in touch with Jessica and her husband for a while afterward—one, she says, still chats with her from time to time. All of them are happily (and safely) using their new car seats.

Jessica maintains that it would have been shameful not to help. “One of the children was using a seat that had been expired for several years,” she recounts. “It scares me how many other children may be riding around in worn, expired seats.”

Not only did Jessica’s act of kindness provide for community, it seems she inspired many around her to do good as well. “A neighbor donated clothes to a women’s shelter in the area. [The act] also inspired my husband to help others more— [one of the] moms actually needed more than just a seat. My husband and I supplied her with a bassinet and some baby clothes and blankets.”

When asked what motivates her now, if there is anything she keeps in mind to prompt her to perform more acts of kindness, she simply chimed, “My favorite quote is, ‘Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.’ It makes me want to continue doing [these things]. I almost feel like we saved some lives!”

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

Feeling inspired? You can get involved! If you have an idea for an amazing act of kindness, you can submit an act proposal here.